1 k rozhodnut o 200mg celebrex prodlouen registrace sukls245759/2009, sukls245762/2009. Pbalov informace- informace PRO uivatele, celebrex 100 mg, tvrd tobolky Celebrex 200 mg, tvrd tobolky (celecoxibum pette si pozorn celou pbalovou celebrex medicine informaci can celebrex cause high blood pressure dve, ne zanete tento ppravek uvat. Ponechte si pbalovou informaci pro ppad, e si ji budete potebovat pest znovu. Mte-li jakkoli dal otzky, zeptejte se lkae nebo celebrex in pregnancy lkrnka. Ppravek who manufactures celebrex Celebrex byl pedepsn. Nedvejte jej dn dal osob. Mohl by j ublit, a to i tehdy, m-li stejn pznaky jako. Pokud se kterkoli z nedoucch ink vyskytne v zvan me, nebo pokud si vimnete jakchkoli nedoucch ink, kter nejsou uvedeny v tto pbalov informaci, prosm, sdlte to svmu lkai 200mg celebrex nebo lkrnkovi. V pbalov informaci naleznete :. Co je Celebrex a k emu se pouv. Emu muste vnovat pozornost, ne zanete Celebrex uvat. Jak se Celebrex. Mon nedouc inky. Jak Celebrex uchovvat. CO JE celebre EMU SE pouv. Ppravek Celebrex pomh mrnit bolest a znt psoben osteoartrzou, revmatoidn artritidou nebo ankylozujc spondylitidou. Celebrex pat do skupiny lk, zvanch nesteroidn protizntliv lky, konkrtn inhibitory cyklooxygenzy-2 (COX-2).V lidskm tle jsou vytveny chemick ltky nazvan prostaglandiny. Nkter prostaglandiny mohou psobit bolest a znt. Pi 200mg celebrex onemocnn jako je revmatoidn artritida nebo osteoartrza Vae tlo vytv tchto prostaglandin vce. Ppravek Celebrex sniuje tvorbu prostaglandin a tm potlauje bolest a znt. EMU muste vnovat pozornost, NE zanete celebrex uvat. Neuvejte Celebrex :, jestlie jste celebrex indication 200mg celebrex alergick/ (pecitlivl na celekoxib nebo na kteroukoli dal sloku ppravku Celebrex, jestlie jste alergick/ na skupinu ppravk zvanch sulfonamidy (nap. Nkter antibiotika pouvan k lb infekc), jestlie trpte srdenm selhnm, mte prokzan onemocnn srdce a/nebo cerebrovaskulrn onemocnn (onemocnn 200mg celebrex mozkovch cv jestlie jste nap. Prodlal/a srden infarkt, cvn mozkovou phodu, malou (pechodnou) cvn mozkovou phodu, nebo mte zen cvy vedouc k srdci i mozku, jestlie mte nebo jste ml/a obhov pote (onemocnn perifernch cv) nebo jste podstoupil/a operaci cv nohou, jestlie mte nebo jste ml/a po uit kyseliny acetylsalicylov. Bhem 200mg celebrex lby ppravkem Celebrex pouvejte spolehlivou antikoncepci. V ppad poteby dalch informac se porate s lkaem. Othotnte-li, pestate Celebrex uvat a oznamte to svmu lkai. Zvltn opatrnosti pi pouit ppravku Celebrex je zapoteb:, ped zahjenm lby ppravkem Celebrex se ujistte, e Vaemu lkai jsou znmy tyto skutenosti: o trpl/a jste vedy, nebo krvcenm do aludku i stev ( ppravek Celebrex neuvejte, pokud v souasn dob trpte vedy, nebo krvcenm. Tyto lky se nesm s ppravkem Celebrex uvat souasn, o trpte nosnmi polypy, o mte zven krevn 200mg celebrex tlak, cukrovku, zven cholesterol nebo koute, trpte onemocnnm srdce, jater nebo ledvin. V lka Vs me proto astji vyetovat, o trpte zadrovnm tekutin (otoky nap. Kotnk a chodidel 200mg celebrex o mohl/a byste bt dehydratovn/a (nedostatek vody v organismu nap. Pi zvracen nebo prjmu nebo pi uvn diuretik (ppravky zvyujc vyluovn moi o ml/a jste nkdy zvanou alergickou reakci nebo zvanou kon reakci na njak lk, o jste len/a can celebrex cause high blood pressure pro infekci. Celebrex me maskovat horeku, kter je pznakem infekce. O uvte ppravky ke snen srlivosti krve (nap. Warfarin o uvte kyselinu acetylsalicylovou (i v nzkch dvkch pro prevenci onemocnn srdce o jste star 65 let. V lka Vs me proto astji vyetovat.

Generic version of celebrex

Generic Name: celecoxib, note: This document contains side effect information about celecoxib. Some of the dosage forms listed on this page may not apply to the brand name Celebrex. In Summary, common side effects of Celebrex include: diarrhea, hypertension, and abnormal hepatic function tests. Other side effects include: abdominal pain, dyspepsia, gastroesophageal reflux disease, peripheral edema, vomiting, and increased liver enzymes. See below for a comprehensive list of adverse effects. For the Consumer, applies to celecoxib : oral capsule. Along with its needed effects, celecoxib (the active ingredient generic version about celebrex of celebrex contained. Celebrex ) may cause some unwanted effects. Although not all of these side effects may occur, if they do occur they may need medical attention. Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur while taking celecoxib: More Common, cough fever skin rash sneezing sore throat swelling of the face, fingers, feet, or lower legs. Less common or rare, abnormal growth in the breast arm, back, or jaw pain bloody or black, tarry stools blurred vision burning feeling in the chest or stomach burning or stinging of the skin burning, tingling, numbness, or pain in the hands, arms, generic version of celebrex feet,. These side effects may go away during treatment as your body adjusts to the medicine. Also, your health care professional may be able to tell you about ways to prevent or reduce some of these side effects. Check with your health care professional if any of the following side effects continue or are bothersome or if you have any questions about them: More Common Less Common Anxiety bleeding after defecation bloody or cloudy urine breast pain bone deformity buzzing or ringing noise. Ref Gastrointestinal Common (1 to 10 Abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia, flatulence, nausea Rare (less than.1 Intestinal obstruction, intestinal perforation, gastrointestinal bleeding, colitis with bleeding, esophageal perforation, pancreatitis, ileus, esophageal ulcer, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer Frequency not reported : Constipation, diverticulitis, dysphagia, eructation, esophagitis, gastritis. Serious gastrointestinal toxicity such as bleeding, ulceration, and perforation of the stomach, small intestine or large intestine, can occur at any time, with or without warning symptoms in patient taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Celecoxib should be used with caution in patients is celebrex with a prior history of ulcer disease or gastrointestinal bleeding. It is recommended that the lowest effective dose be administered for the shortest possible generic version of celebrex Ref Cardiovascular Common (1 to 10 Peripheral edema Uncommon (0.1 to 1 Unstable angina, aortic valve incompetence, coronary artery atherosclerosis, sinus bradycardia, ventricular hypertrophy, deep vein thrombosis Rare (less than.1. In the long-term polyp prevention studies in which exposure to celecoxib was 400 to 800 mg per day for up to 3 years, unstable angina, aortic valve incompetence, coronary artery atherosclerosis, sinus bradycardia, ventricular hypertrophy, or deep vein thrombosis were reported in at least.1. Chronic use of celecoxib may increase the risk of serious adverse cardiovascular thrombotic events including myocardial infarction (MI). In the Adenoma Prevention with Celecoxib (APC) trial, the composite endpoint of cardiovascular death, MI, or stroke was.4 95 confidence interval (CI;.4.5 and.8 95 CI;.4.5 for celecoxib 400 mg twice generic version of celebrex a day and 200 mg twice. Over 3 years, the cumulative rates for this composite endpoint were 3 (20/671) and.5 (17/685) of patients receiving 200 mg and 400 mg, respectively, compared.9 (6/679) of placebo patients. The generic version of celebrex increase in drug-treated patients was mainly due to an increased incidence of myocardial infarction. Ref Nervous system Leg cramps, hypertonia, hypoesthesia, migraine, neuralgia, neuropathy, paresthesia, vertigo, generic version of celebrex taste perversion, and somnolence were reported.1.9 of patients taking celecoxib (the active ingredient contained in Celebrex) 100 to 200 mg twice a day or 200 mg once a day. In the long-term polyp prevention studies in which exposure to celecoxib was 400 to 800 mg per day for up to 3 years, cerebral infarction was reported in at least.1 of patients to less than 1 of patients. Ref Common (1 to 10 Dizziness, headache Rare (less than.1 Aseptic meningitis, ataxia, aggravated epilepsy Frequency not reported : Leg cramps, hypertonia, hypoesthesia, migraine, neuralgia, neuropathy, paresthesia, vertigo, somnolence, taste perversion Postmarketing reports : Cerebral hemorrhage, ageusia, anosmia Ref Dermatologic Common (1. Ref Hematologic Uncommon (0.1 to 1 Anemia Frequency not reported : Ecchymosis, epistaxis, thrombocytopenia, mild prolongation of activated partial thromboplastin time (aptt) Postmarketing reports : Agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia, pancytopenia, leukopenia Ref Ecchymosis, epistaxis, and thrombocytopenia were reported.1.9 of patients taking celecoxib. The incidence of hemoglobin increases greater than 2 g/dL was.5 among patients treated with celecoxib 400 mg twice a day compared with.3 and.9 in patients receiving diclofenac generic version of celebrex 75 mg twice a day or ibuprofen 800 mg three times a day, respectively.

Celebrex and gabapentin

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